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Balanced Bookkeeping, month-after-month

Bookkeeping is not a money making task for a studio owner, let’s keep it to a bare minimum. PYOP Accounting takes the burden out of “the books” with easy, elevated bookkeeping services and seamless subscription services.

 Lean in to growth with a plan to suit any size, style, or scale of business. If you’re a motivated self-starter who wants to be set up for success and then sent on your way, we’ve got you covered. And if you’re a seasoned studio that needs full coverage, business strategy, and tax preparation, why, that’s our specialty. 

I’m ready to bake bookkeeping / accounting into the DNA of my business

Innovation: we’re expanding the way that customers work with us. 

What’s The Job?


DIY Learning Hub / Entrepreneurial Community.

For start-ups and the self-directed $0

Immersive support for the DIYer with a small-scale operation that can easily manage minimum requirements for accounting. Whether you’re new to business accounting or you’ve been in business for a long time, there’s something for everyone in the resource library. Educate yourself on accounting basics and strategy, explore FAQs, or ask a question in the Private Facebook group when you’re actively problem solving—there is a rich and robust pool of information at your fingertips. 


Done for You Bookkeeping Basic Blueprint and Ask the Accountant

For shops in growth mode

If you thrive with just a bit more personal attention and expertise, or if you’re growing beyond DIY (but not quite ready for 1:1 partnership with a CPA), take a deeper dive. We’ll set up your initial set of books and provide limited email support. This is accounting empowerment and financial literacy you need to lay the foundation for bookkeeping success. We’ll get you started with a clean set of books, pointed in the right direction, and feeling confident in the security of a solid safety net.


Done for You Full-Service CPA and Business Growth Strategy

For established studios and enterprising entrepreneurs

When sustainable and progressive business success is in growth mode, it’s time for a 1:1 relationship with a CPA and having it all done for you, building equity and profitability through the lens of accounting with our signature four-season tax framework and small business growth strategy. Expand beyond your wildest visions—this ain’t your grandpa’s bookkeeper, this is leading edge business advice and strategy tailored to your unique circumstances and big, bold, business goals.

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A good life and a good living.

From our family business to yours

Life is too short to fly by the seats of your paint pants. We know how hard it is to maintain balanced books while running a shop, but you don’t have to do it alone.

PYOP Accounting is your partner in financial health & wellness for your business. We’re sharing everything we know and every resource we have to help you get great at growth, at your own pace, equalizing along the way. 

Throwing knowledge like ceramic clay on a happy potter’s wheel of business growth,
Donna, Zack, Chad and the tenacious team at PYOP Accounting