Life is too short for low returns on big energy.
Get back to doing what you love about studio ownership — helping people and communities come together to get creative and make memories.
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Make your studio a main source of income with ease and flow.

Independently-owned paint-your-own-pottery studio owners building a real business, you are our people. Make your studio a source of income, a retirement plan, and have the ability to live life on your own terms. PYOP Accounting is the full-service CPA and Business Growth Specialist glazing a path to profitability and smooth financial systems with top-notch accounting and expansive, expectation-defying partnership. Discover more…

Designing peace of mind with proactive accounting advice


You have better things to do than crunch numbers, like loving why you opened your studio in the first place. Family businesses, reinvented careers, and modern entrepreneurs, get rid of the headache of accounting work (and making expensive mistakes!) by leaving it to the pros. We’ll show you the best path forward to maximize your investment…and your dreams.


Your relationship with your CPA should mature in tandem with your business goals. This is a positive-feedback loop; you trust us with the inner-workings of your empire-building and we’ll deliver squeaky-clean books, loan readiness, financial strategy, and bare-minimum tax bills. And together, we’ll keep Uncle Sam happy with irreproachable filings.


Many studio owner operators pay too much tax because they don’t receive proactive accounting advice. We specialize in helping paint-your-own pottery-studio owners reduce their tax bills (legally) and build their businesses. Our team works hard to ensure you only pay what you owe and that the things you have to spend money on don’t break the bank.

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You don’t know what you don’t know….but we do. We’ve put the best of the best business advice into one handy paperback. If avoiding overpaying in taxes has got you wondering about the rules of engagement and opportunities for Studio Owners to divert revenue elsewhere, get smart about tax saving strategies.

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