What is a PYOP Studio?

November 8, 2023

Is it your dream to open up a business that makes people smile? Well, perhaps a P.Y.O.P. studio is up your alley. What is P.Y.O.P.? It’s an abbreviation for “Paint Your Own Pottery,” which is a form of a ceramic art studio.

Many P.Y.O.P. studios have a lot of different mediums that they offer. So it’s not just about pottery. There are opportunities for painting bisque, which is a pottery in its white form. That is one option if you’ve ever seen it; it’s painted and fired. Many studios also do glass mosaics and clay, including wheel throwing, canvas painting, and board art. And even some that do jewelry painting or jewelry creation. Those are all fun things people enjoy doing as a family or group.

When we talk about the studio, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a retail location; most are, but mobile locations are also available. So you could take your event on the road and do events and parties out and about in the community or local schools. Those are very popular. Or, if you have a retail location, you could do both retail and offsite events and pottery parties.

The business is attractive because it’s a happy business that makes people smile. Not a lot of drama, not a lot of angry people. And it is a place that offers wholesome entertainment for families and creates memories of things that they will remember from year to year. I know myself when I was young, I painted a Christmas ornament at a pottery studio. And it was always the ugliest ornament on the tree, but we gladly and proudly displayed it on every tree, every Christmas. And still to this day, many years later, we still laugh about it, and I can picture it.

So if you’re interested in moving into a happy business, perhaps you want to give ceramic arts and paint your own pottery studios a try. If you’re interested in looking at this option’s feasibility and what the projected financial statements would look like, I’d be happy to help. We offer packages to help people line up their performance so that they can get financing or find locations to open a retail studio. Check us out at PYOPAccounting.com.

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Donna Bordeaux, CPA with PYOPAccounting.com

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