Terminating an Employee in your Studio

November 8, 2023

Hey, let’s talk employees some more.

Studio owners, do you have some employees that you might not otherwise keep around, but you need them. You just don’t like them and they’re not really performing well for your studio. Well, I want to tell you, you got to get rid of those folks. You gotta nail it, I know it’s hard and people put up with a lot these days rather than terminating employees.

But one bad apple will just spoil the bunch for everybody. It’s horrible for the morale of your other employees. And you do really well. If you just go ahead and get rid of them, most of the time we find your other employees will be happy to pick up the slack. If you’ll just ditch that bad apple.

So hire fast, try people out, but please fire fast. Do yourself a favor, those folks can do a lot of damage and they’re not helping anything in the long run. So if you have somebody you’ve been putting off firing, most of the time the biggest stressor I find is the thinking part.

The time that you think about how the firing is going to go or how you’re going to terminate somebody. Instead, I want you to put your big girl pants on today and your big boy pants on today and go in there and do the right thing and let that person go. To feel better too, I want you to know that those folks have other places that they will be better suited. So you’ll be freeing them up to go find the best place for them to be.

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Donna Bordeaux, CPA with PYOPAccounting.com

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