Utilizing your Party Room During COVID

November 8, 2023

Do you have party rooms face that’s being underutilized right now? We’re seeing that a lot of studios are not able to hold parties based on the COVID situation and they’re a little hesitant to do that. So I want to offer you some suggestions on how to utilize your party space in a different way.

If your party space is a separate area or a separate room, maybe there are some other things you can do with it outside the box, besides using it for overflow, perhaps you could utilize that space for co-working. Right now, many people are working from home and working remotely and sometimes they just need to get out of the house.

Sometimes they have a meeting and they don’t want the dogs or the kids to be interrupting and maybe they could use a quiet space that is somewhere outside their home to have that meeting. Perhaps you could offer to for a fee or for free, let people use your party room for a co-work space.

Or even a for home studies for kids who are virtual from school, perhaps they need a quiet place to go and mom can go paint out front while the kids are working in the back, doing their schooling. It is important to have good internet to offer those types of services with co-work or virtual schooling, to make sure that they can utilize your space and have an effective internet connection.

Another alternative might be to invite some groups to utilize your party room as meeting space, small groups of course, but in every town around the country, there are rotary groups, Awanas groups, Chamber of Commerce, there are BNI groups, Business Networking Groups that may need a place to meet. I as a person who has looked for that space, sometimes that is difficult to find. So maybe you could offer your space to one of these organizations to meet in.

Many groups are willing to pay for the space, they probably have a smaller budget and can’t afford to go to a restaurant that may have a per head fee for that. But if you have a group of five or 10 people, perhaps they can meet in your meeting space. And that would be great advertising to get them to walk into your studio and see what you do.

Take a moment to make sure that they know what you do and advertise a bit to that group while they’re there. Either ask if you could step in and make a couple minute presentation about what you do in your studio, or put out some information about your services and your offerings in that party room for everybody to see.

Might be a good opportunity to utilize that space, get some free publicity, or maybe even make a little money. So think a little outside the box when it comes to party rooms right now, if you’re not able to utilize it for true party space like you intended.

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Donna Bordeaux, CPA with PYOPAccounting.com

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