Order Supplies and Save Time

November 8, 2023

Video Transcription

I’m Donna Bordeaux with PYOPAccounting.com. One of the things that I’ve realized in our recent crisis is how much time we spend going to the store, and how much we purchased that we didn’t mean to go for. I have thoroughly enjoyed doing all of my grocery shopping by delivery or pickup and not having to go in the store. Same with my Sam’s club runs. Of course, I’ve always loved Amazon and getting everything shipped to me. But especially lately with all of the shopping tasks, my life is a whole lot easier and we spend a whole lot less money without those impulse purchases. So take a look at what you would normally make your Sam’s or Costco runs for set those up on their app and just order them as you need them. Most, all of them have free shipping as long as you’re spending 25 bucks.

And I don’t know anybody who can go into Sam’s or Costco not spend 25 bucks. So set those up for shipping. Save yourself some time. Also, you can delegate a little, have your managers fill up the shopping cart and you just go check it and check out, make your approvals, or give your manager an authorization to order certain supplies from there. The same can happen with your normal shipments from near Michaels and all of the suppliers that you may have local to you, that you go to check it out, order everything online, or have a team member go in and help you get that ordering done. You’ll save a lot of time and money. So that’s my tip for the day. If you’ve run into some others time saving and money saving tips throughout this process in the last couple of months, put them in the comments below. Everybody would love to hear it. We’d love to dive into that. I’m Donna Bordeaux with PYOPAccounting.com. Don’t forget to subscribe and follow us on Facebook. Thanks.

Donna Bordeaux, CPA with PYOPAccounting.com.

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